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2017 - 2019

MFA Fine Arts 

University of Oxford 

2006 - 2009

MFA Fine Arts 

University of Oxford 


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Collaborative team



Centre for the Creative Brain

Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity

Centre for the emotions

& Events

2021 - 2023

The Human Animal, The Old Fire Station, UK 

Cabaret Melancholic, London, UK

2018 - 2019

Reckless Behaviour, Emery Prize, UK 

Plastic + 1, SAID Business School

2017 - 2018

The Weather and our Emotions, Institute of the Creative Brain, Oxford University, UK

2015 - 2016

Parlour Arboretum, Berkshire, UK

Cabaret Melancholic, London, UK

Parlour Erotique, London, UK

Ritual 5, London, UK

Incunabula, Norwich, UK

The Art of Tea, Ashmolean, Oxford, UK


2013 - 2014

William Buckland Dinner, Oxford, UK

Cabaret Melancholic, London, UK  

The Art of Tea, Oxford, UK

Ritual 5 London, UK

Office of Public Rituals, London, UK

Cuckoo, Oxford, UK

Parlour Arabesque, London, UK


2010 - 2012

Sustainability, Oxford, UK

Continous Art, Impossible Community, Seoul, 

Ritual 4, Modern Art Oxford, UK

Cabaret Melancholic, London, UK


2008 - 2009

Cabaret Melancholic, London, UK

Hoss, Oxford, UK

Ruskin Degree Show, Oxford

Jacqueline du Pre Music Rooms, Oxford, UK

Dolphin Gallery, Oxford, UK

The Long Room, Oxford, UK    

Sculpture as a Bullfight, Oxford, UK

The Molly Gang, Oxford, UK

Festival of Arts and Science, Oxford, UK

Roundwood Studios, London, UK



20 Eventi, Fara Sabina, ITALY

Box Ladder, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford

The Ready Maides, Bath, UK

Tea House, Oxford, UK

& Awards 
Emery Prize
Geoffrey Rhoades Prize



Oxford University Scholarship Award     


Radcliffe Hospital Trust, commission



University of Oxford, Oxford, UK commission



Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading, UK, commission



Brixton Academy, London, UK, commission

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